TPSS Granted Temporary Injunction


We are pleased to report that Judge Harry Storm of the Montgomery County Circuit Court has granted the Co-op a preliminary injunction against the Neighborhood Development Company (NDC). The ruling prevents NDC from evicting the Co-op from the City-owned parking lot where we receive deliveries, and remains in effect until a trial on the merits of our pending lawsuit contesting an April 15, 2021 eviction notice from NDC. The court’s ruling lifts a serious and immediate threat to the continuity of Co-op operations.

Just as we have taken deliveries on the parking lot without any safety incident since 1998, we look forward to continuing to do that now. And we will continue to serve our members and the broader community with healthy and locally-sourced food.

We have not yet received Judge Storm’s written opinion, but will share it when we receive it. You can find documents related to our lawsuit on our website under “Your Co-op.”