The members of the Co-op's leadership team are in charge of the store's day-to-day operations. You can contact them directly by e-mail at the links below.

General Manager – Mike Houston

Store Manager – Hussein Choteka

Community Engagement Manager - Leandra Nichola

Finance Manager - Yodit Gebremeskel

Human Resources Manager - Irene Cox

IT Manager - Eddie Brosnan

Beer & Wine Manager - Philippe Varlet

Front End Manager - Mherete Belhu

Grocery Manager - Joao Carlos Vieira

Produce Manager - Erick DeLeon

Refrigerated Manager - Ron Walker

Wellness Manager - Jane Batt


Our Staff and Workplace Culture

Our Co-op staff of approximately 50 people is dedicated to serving our customers and the community. TPSS Co-op strives to provide a workplace environment where staff members feel appreciated, their voices are heard, and their welfare is a management priority.

Managers meet regularly with their teams, collaborating and taking recommendations on store policies. As needed, managers and staff members get skills training in subjects like supervision and buying.

We have committed to a “living wage” of $15/hour minimum for our staff. Our benefits package is described in Careers at TPSS.