Anyone can join TPSS Co-op! Owners enjoy benefits, as well as contribute to the sustainablilty of the store. Every owner must contribute a refundable, lifetime equity payment of $100.

 Two ways to join:
1. Fill out this form online, then pay in the store to activate you account.
2. Sign up at a register or customer service in the store.

Three equity payment options:
1. One time $100 payment. 
2. Two $50 payments, to be made within 1 year of joining.
3. Ten $10 payments, to be made within 1 year of joining.


TPSS Co-op owners enjoy the following benefits:

  • A vote and voice in Co-op governance:
    • Opportunity to run for the Board;
    • Vote in elections and other important Co-op business;
    • Attend Board meetings;
    • Join committees.
  • Financial beneifits, including:
    • 10% off one purchase of your choosing each month;
    • Owner-only discounts on select items around the store;
    • Privileges in our Owners' Buying Club, including 10% off full case orders; 
    • Rain check discounts on out of stock sale items; 
    • One time 20% off coupon for any total purchase (eligible after full equity payment is made).
  • Other perks:
    • A free co-op bag;
    • Eligibility to join the Interior Federal Credit Union.