TPSS Coop Mural

We’re “For Service” Not “For Profit”

Bob Gibson During last year’s heated debates about the future of the city owned lot at Takoma Junction, I was particularly struck by the repeated description of the TPSS Food Co-op as a “for-profit” business. This characterization was used in dismissing the notion that the Co-op’s interests would be damaged by the loss of an accessible loading dock and other …


My Days at the Co-op

Mike Houston, General Manager My wife and I love celebrating how many days old things are. We celebrated our 1000th day of dating, our 1000th day of marriage, and we each invited friends to parties for each of our 10,000th day of life.  If you’re wondering, it’s a little more than 27 years and 4 months. It’s something we enjoy. …