Who Decides to Run for the TPSS Board of Representatives?

By Bob Gibson, President, TPSS

What motivated you to become one of more than 11,000 people to become member-owners of the Co-op since our doors opened in 1981?

First and foremost, it’s likely an economic choice. You enjoy shopping at the Co-op, and you want to save money. Your $100 membership can be quickly recouped through monthly member discounts.

But for some, the decision to become a member is more than just savings. You might want to show your tangible support for a community-owned grocery, one with a mission based on cooperative values that stand in sharp contrast to the corporate-owned chains that dominate the food business.

You may be inspired by our social consciousness, support for sustainability and local food producers, or by our efforts to make fresh and healthy food options affordable to all. Some combination of these motivations is behind the decision of a small but vitally important number of co-op members who step up every year to stand as candidates for election to our Board of Representatives.

Today we embark on our annual Board election season. We encourage members who would like to contribute to the continued health and growth of the Co-op by serving on our Board, to submit an application. The short self-nomination form, which may be filled out online or downloaded and emailed, will help us introduce our candidates to the membership at large before votes are cast this fall.

Key dates:

  • The window to apply closes Thursday, October 12.
  • Nominees are invited to speak briefly on their candidacy at the Fall Annual Meeting (Saturday October 14)
  • Online voting concludes on Friday November 10
  • New representatives elected by the membership will begin their three-year term on Friday December 1.

Important notes about the Board of Representatives:

  • Only the individual listed as the member of record may run for a seat on the Board
  • The Board follows a process known as Policy Governance, through which we develop the policies that guide our business; the Board is not involved in day-to-day store decisions and operations.
  • The Board maintains ultimate responsibility for the financial health of TPSS, as well as for adherence to our mission.
  • Expect Board responsibilities to require 10-12 hours a month.
  • Board service is an unpaid volunteer position. However, Board members receive a monthly stipend that is applied toward store purchases.

You can find more information on the Board of Representatives here.