Serve your community!

The Co-op’s continued success depends on members’ willingness to serve on its Board of Representatives.  The Board is made up of member-owners just like you who are diverse, passionate, and interested in helping the store thrive!  Each year, the Co-op seeks member-owners to run for open seats on the Board. Terms are three years and start December 1.  We urge you to consider running for the Board!

Candidates nominate themselves in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Application Packet. They can also submit their nomination online via our nomination form.


The Board of Representatives is a group of nine member-owners, elected by their fellow member-owners to govern the organization on behalf of all member-owners. The Board is responsible for ensuring the well-being, perpetuity and financial success of TPSS Co-op in accordance with the Bylaws and philosophy of the organization.


The Co-op is a space for all of us with the mission of access to healthful food at the center.  For the Co-op to be truly representative of all its member-owners, employees, shoppers, and the community within which it sits, all must have a seat at the governance table.  Our work as board members is centered in making real the concept of diversity, inclusion, and equity, so that our vision and decisions reflect what is best, not only for the Co-op, but for all its stakeholders.


Under a system known as Policy Governance, the boards role is to:

  • Set strategic direction for the Co-op: We do this by developing and overseeing policies that guide the Co-op in providing healthy food, in a manner that is sustainable, fair, equitable and serves the community.
  • Evaluate the performance of the General Manager: We monitor the GM’s performance through policies that grant the GM flexibility to be creative in running the store while ensuring that the Board receives all information necessary to execute our duties.
  • Ensure that the assets of the Co-op are protected: We assess and oversee issues in member and community service and finance. Activities include updating the Co-op’s bylaws, approving contracts not delegated to the GM, and conducting an annual meeting for all member-owners.


  • Board members must be member-owners of TPSS Co-op in good standing.
  • Co-op employees who are member-owners are eligible to run. If elected, a Co-op employee will be representing the membership at large, not the staff of the Co-op.
  • A Board member may not have a conflict of interest resulting from an affiliation with any enterprise that is in competition with the Co-op.
  • Once elected, each Board member must sign a confidentiality agreement and disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Board members must be able to attend monthly meetings and contribute to the work of Board committees. Often a time commitment of ten hours or more per month is needed. Board members are also expected to be familiar with the bylaws and policies of the Co-op.


  • Deadline to receive applications from candidates: Thursday October 12 (9 pm)
  • Voting for Board opens: Friday October 13
  • Annual Meeting and candidate forum: Saturday October 14
  • Voting closes: Friday November 10 (9 pm)
  • Vote count: Tuesday November 14
  • Board certifies election results: Thursday November 16
  • New Board term starts: Friday December 1


Board Representatives will receive a TPSS gift card monthly stipend in the amounts specified in Appendix A of the Bylaws:

  • $75 for Board Representatives not serving as officers
  • $100 for Board Representatives serving as an officer other than President
  • $125 for the Board Representative serving as President

Such stipends are considered taxable income. Board Representatives must complete a W-9 and will receive a 1099 from TPSS for tax reporting. The Board commits itself and its representatives to ethical and businesslike conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as Representatives.


You will gain financial literacy, strategic thinking management experience and business acumen. Joining the Board is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice good leadership and governance, serve your community and to help steer the future of our cooperative.


  • Learn more about the Co-op, the Board, its system of governance, and the qualities and commitment required of an effective Board member. The information outlined above provides basic information to get started. See our Governance page for more details.
  • Attend at least one Board meeting in advance of joining the Board. Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month and are currently conducted on-line.
  • Attend the Fall member meeting. During the “Meet the Candidates” segment of the meeting you will have time to make a statement and answer questions from other member-owners.
  • Complete and submit the BOARD APPLICATION FORM, along with a digital photograph. All submissions should be sent via email to  You may also submit a paper application to the manager on duty at the store. Application materials or photos may not be changed once submitted, and all nominations are subject to verification.
  • Candidates receiving the highest vote totals will be elected to three-year terms that begin on December 1, 2023.

2023 Election Results:

    • 61 total votes
    3 disqualified votes

Vote Tally:

  • Elizabeth Teuwen- 51
  • Mandilyn Beck- 47
  • Kopal Jha- 45

2022 Election Results:

    • 58 total votes
    1 disqualified votes

Vote Tally:

  • Orly Keiner- 46
  • Ami Amin- 43
  • Taylor Dibbert- 51

2021 Election Results:

    • 52 total votes
    0 disqualified votes

Vote Tally:

  • Katea Stitt- 52
  • Bob Gibson- 52
  • Esteban de Dobrzynski- 52

2020 Election Results:

    • 297 total votes
    27 disqualified votes

Vote Tally:

  • Diane Curran- 210
  • Adam Frank- 180
  • Elizabeth Teuwen- 150
  • Citlalli Velasquez- 132
    Elias Vlanton- 110
    Esteban de Dobrzynski- 88
    Toni Tileva- 75

2019 Election Results:

    • 216 total votes
    33 disqualified votes

Vote Tally:

  • Susan Cho- 144
  • Fred Feinstein- 128
  • Katherine Tsantiris- 116
  • Bob Gibson- 110
    Susan West Montgomery- 94
    Elias Vlanton- 41

2018 Election Results:

    • 288 total votes
    36 disqualified votes

Vote Tally:

  • Katea Stitt- 179
  • Julia Eddy- 166
  • Sawa Kamara- 134
    Bob Gibson- 129
    Sat Jiwan Ikle-Khalsa- 124
    Greg Ross- 17