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UPDATED 3/12: Virus Prevention at TPSS Co-op

Updated 3/12/20

TPSS Shoppers –

The Co-op is working diligently to help serve our community with healthy food while doing our part to minimize risk for the spread of germs during this time period. We have asked staff who are not feeling well to stay home from the store, and assured those staff members they will receive full compensation through our Paid Time Off policies.  

We have also instructed all staff in the store to wear gloves while handling food or interacting with the public. Surfaces such as the registers or bathroom door handles are being cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. Sinks are available for customers who wish for any reason to wash their hands while shopping at the Co-op.  

Based on updated recommendations we are suspending all food sampling events at the store to avoid unnecessary contact. We’ve also been instructed to disallow the use of refillable mugs at the coffee and tea stations. All customers and employees are asked to use a new cup when getting coffee or tea.

We appreciate the assistance and understanding of our customers as we navigate this issue, and ask that you send someone to shop on your behalf if you are not feeling well. We are working with suppliers, who are strained with larger than typical orders from around the country, to ensure to the best of our abilities that we have items in stock.   Hand sanitizer is out of stock for sale for the foreseeable future from our distributors.

Mike Houston
General Manager