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Takoma Park Silver Spring Food Co-op and Takoma Park Workers Union Reach Final Contract

Takoma Park Workers Union and Management of the TPSS Co-op announce the successful completion of contract negotiations resulting in a ratified contract. Both sides are thrilled to have worked towards a finalized contract and are excited for well-deserved new benefits for the employees of the Co-op.

The contract guarantees a starting wage of $15.00 per hour for employees, which TPSS implemented starting 7/1/18 while contract negotiations were ongoing.

Among other contract conditions, employees will receive gift cards to celebrate longevity and birthdays, Union chosen holidays paid at overtime rates, contract guaranteed raises and the ability for employees to earn bonuses based on the financial performance of TPSS. Management also agreed to a guarantee of departmental meetings and professional development training.

Management commends the hard work of the Union’s three Shop Stewards who represented 38 bargaining unit employees in contract negotiations and will continue to serve as representatives for their co-workers. A ratified contract gives the Union workers access to a grievance procedure and potentially arbitration for any dispute of actions taken by Management.

TPSS management and staff are excited to continue to be a neighborhood natural food market for Takoma Park and beyond. We are owned by and responsive to the members of our community. Fair working conditions and livable wages and benefits should be the goal of all workplaces that rely on the labor and expertise of their workforce. We thank our committed customers and members for their continued support of this community store, and our workers for making the store operate every single day.

-Mike Houston
TPSS General Manager

-Tiffany Saltus
Shop Steward, Takoma Park Workers Union