Interview with a Vendor: Bridget from 2Betties

1. How would you introduce yourself?

Bridget Greaney, co-founder/ceo and chief product officer of 2Betties, a Baltimore, MD healthy snack company.

2. What is the back-story behind your business?

In college, after realizing the snack bars I was consuming were full of sugar, I started making healthier snacks for myself with ingredients from my kitchen. My mom saw how much my snacks resonated with friends and family and encouraged me to consider turning it into a product to sell. We decided to launch 2Betties to bring our snacks to consumers like us that want something delicious and nutritious to eat!

3. How has building community helped your business? Do you have a specific example?

2Betties is a local brand through and through. 100% of 2Betties products are made in our dedicated facility in Baltimore, MD. One of our first customers was the NFL Baltimore Ravens who still buy and enjoy our Rounds calling them “healthy donuts!” Since we launched, we’ve been focused on growing our business with local natural food and coop grocers like Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op because these stores sit at the center of their communities, providing better products at affordable prices. By focusing on building our business locally in Maryland, we’ve built a loyal and growing fanbase of customers who align with what we stand for – real ingredients free of additives and low sugar and no sodium — with good taste.

4. Explain how owning a business has changed your life.

I’ve learned so much, and every day, I realize I have more to learn! I may have discovered I won’t go into business with my mom again – kidding! And jokes aside, I have learned there’s a lot of value and fun in creating a product worth selling and building a team who believe in our vision to be the “healthy Nabisco.” Rounds are not just another product peddling crappy ingredients in a bar or cookie shape which is why our product is shaped like a mini-donut. 2Betties Rounds do not spike blood glucose and they are truly a satiating satisfying snack. We’re thrilled that the mid-Atlantic National Kidney Foundation and American Diabetes dieticians have approved our Rounds for their patients. The feedback we get from our customers keeps us going and has changed my life. It’s very rewarding to know how much of a difference we’re making in people’s lives.

5. What is your relationship to the Co-op? Why did you want to be a vendor here?

Many told us, “Oh, you need to be in the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op,” and right before COVID, we were briefly on shelves. However, during COVID, we pivoted away from focusing on our wholesale side of the business, and in the past few months, we have re-focused on bringing 2Betties Rounds to more retail accounts. Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op was at the top of our list because we know how much the store means to its customers and community, and we care about our community to the same degree.

6. What is your favorite product, out of all the products you sell?

We currently only sell Rounds, made with simple ingredients: almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, and honey. If I had to pick a favorite flavor it would be Lemon!

7. What is your favorite product at the Co-op? (It can be your own.)

Definitely 2Betties Rounds! Second to that I love Mountain Valley sparkling water. I can drink an entire liter a day although I’m not sure if that’s advised?

8. What would you like to see change in your local food system?

I’d love to be supportive of increasing transparency about food waste and minimizing it. I think the supply chain structure of how food gets to the consumer has a fair amount of inefficiency, and change needs to be embraced, and the legacy big brands need to step up to the plate in the same way smaller emerging brands have or are trying to.

9. What’s one message you would like to impart to the people reading this?

Go try 2Betties Rounds! There’s goodness in every bite! You’ll like them ☺ and email me if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions or feedback.