(ongoing) Zero Waste Recipe Competition

Zero Waste Recipe Competition

Think you can create the best recipe using absolutely zero packaging? TPSS is challenging shoppers to use the 413 items sold in bulk throughout the co-op and produce items with no packaging to make a zero-waste recipe. Recipe submissions will be featured on our website and the contest finalists will have the chance to cook their recipes at our Earth Day Celebration.


Choose items sold at TPSS that feature zero packaging such as items sold in bulk or produce items. Write down the item and quantity for your recipe, plus cooking instructions and enter your recipe on TPSS website. The full recipe must only include these zero packaging items or water. Give your recipe a name.

You are not required to cook your dish to enter the contest, however if you are selected as a finalist, you will be asked to prepare the dish in order to be eligible to win the 1st or 2nd place prizes.

Recipes submitted for the contest may be featured on the TPSS website or in-store marketing materials. Any recipe chosen for these purposes will receive a runner-up prize.


Winner- $300 TPSS Gift Card

2nd Place- $150 TPSS Gift Card

Runner Up (All Entries Chosen to be featured on TPSS Website)- $10 TPSS Gift Card

How to Enter

Fill out the form on our website listing the precise items (including TPSS item number for bulk products) and exact size needed for the recipe. All entries must be received by May 19th, 2024.