TPSS Co-op Celebrates Earth Day

By Taylor Dibbert

TPSS Co-op’s Earth Day event is on Saturday, April 22 from 11am to 3pm. In addition to live music and speakers, a variety of partner organizations will participate.

This year’s theme is “The Future of Our Food System.”

Co-op General Manager Mike Houston remarks that “[c]ommunity members of all ages will be able to learn from leaders in climate resilience and cutting-edge green practices, and buy delicious food from local vendors too!”

“The Earth Day Celebration is our largest event each year, because it really represents the heart of our mission,” notes Houston. “It’s an event where we ask other businesses, nonprofits and partners to come share their expertise collaboratively, and call on our elected representatives to inform constituents what they’re working on to further a sustainable climate future.”  

Friends of Native Trees in Takoma (FONTT) is one of the many nonprofits that will be participating. FONTT’s Liz Kleemeier, a longtime Co-op member, comments that “[i]t’s so important to build public support and awareness of environmental issues, especially in a positive and hopeful way.”

“The event is such a great way to make people think about nature in their yards and the city’s green spaces as something to enjoy and protect, not pave over,” says Kleemeier. She added that TPSS Co-op does a great job of making the event both fun and easy for a variety of people and groups to participate.

Small Things Matter (STM) Executive Director (and Co-op member) Roxanne Yamashita shares that STM “is committed to celebrating and taking care of the Earth.”

“We are excited to promote composting at Earth Day since it not only reduces the trash in landfills, but enriches the soil with nutrients,” says Yamashita.

Crossroads Community Food Network will be participating in the event too. Senior Farmers Market Program Manager Sara Servin says that various members of the Crossroads team are also Co-op members.

Servin mentions that Crossroads “is looking forward to again getting outside and connecting with folks throughout the community to share more about our local food system, the matching SNAP/EBT benefits at both Crossroads and the Co-op, sharing information about seeds and healthful eating, and our upcoming Food Fair event in May.”

“The event falls on the Saturday before Crossroads Farmers Market opens for its 17th season, so we are excited to share about all the resources the market has to offer in connecting folks to fresh food in their community,” says Servin.

Taylor Dibbert serves on TPSS Co-op’s Board of Representatives.