Statement from TPSS Co-op

To our members and customers:

In the midst of a heated local election, we take this opportunity to remind our members and shoppers that the Co-op has not endorsed any officials running for local office, nor do we plan to make any endorsements. And we have not changed our neutral stance on the proposed NDC development, to which we agreed in a 2018 mediation with NDC. We agreed to the neutral stance in exchange for measures by NDC during construction and operation of the development, including (a) a sub-lease for the Co-op’s continued use of City lot until construction begins; (b) prior to excavation for the new development, construction of a layby to accommodate our deliveries; and (c) priority use of the layby once the development is built. The full text of the agreement is available on the City’s website here.  

Since then, the Co-op has carefully adhered to our agreement not to oppose the current NDC development plans unless the plans change. We will also continue to monitor the development as it progresses through the review process. 

Our commitment to serve our community and support local, organic and sustainable foods remains strong and resilient. And we continue to appreciate the support of all of our members and customers. Especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, your patronage helps us to provide a safe place to shop and work, and to provide community support to those in need.

As a cooperative that is sustained and governed through the democratic process, we encourage all of our members and shoppers to exercise their right to vote – locally, statewide, and nationally. And please be sure to vote in the Co-op election for four open positions on our Board of Representatives. 

Diane Curran
Board President

Mike Houston
General Manager