Message Regarding Co-op and Junction Development


To our members and customers:

We are responding to statements in recent emails from Community Vision for Takoma regarding the NDC project on the adjoining City lot as they relate to TPSS Co-op. We want to be clear that the emails contain the independent views of the community group and were reached without consulting the Co-op management or Board. We also recognize that there are diverse views among our members and in the community about development of the Junction and we respect everyone’s right to express their views.

As most of you know, the Co-op has used the adjacent City-owned parking lot for deliveries and trash storage since moving to the Junction in the 1990’s. NDC is now leasing the parking lot from the City, in anticipation of developing the lot. Through a mediation process, the Co-op has entered into a negotiated agreement with NDC that is intended to serve the interests of both NDC and the Co-op. Major provisions of the agreement include (a) a sub-lease for the Co-op’s continued use of City lot until construction begins; (b) prior to excavation for the new development, construction of a layby to accommodate our deliveries; and (c) priority use of the layby once the development is built. The full text of the agreement is available on the City’s website here.  

As part of our negotiated agreement, the Co-op has agreed not to oppose the current NDC development plans unless they change in a significant way that is adverse to the Co-op. The Co-op has carefully adhered to this term as well as all other terms of the agreement. Absent changes to the NDC project that have a material adverse effect on the Co-op’s operations, the Co-op will remain neutral in this matter. 

We appreciate the support of all of our members and customers. Thanks to your patronage, Co-op sales are strong and we are in a financially secure position. We hope to continue to serve the community for a long time to come.   

Diane Curran
Board President

Mike Houston
General Manager