Board Retreat and Junction Update


Happy 2022, fellow Co-op members and friends,

On January 22, your Co-op Board of Representatives had a very productive annual retreat over zoom. Now in my fifth year on the Co-op Board, this was my fifth Board retreat – and as always, I loved having a day-long opportunity to talk about current issues and make plans for the coming year. I want to share my excitement about two important steps we are taking in 2022!

First, starting in February and going through the spring, we will be embarking on Diversity Equity and Inclusion training for the Board and Co-op managers. Leah Kedar, an experienced trainer (who is also a longtime Co-op member), will lead us in learning and group discussions. We hope the experience will help the Co-op and each of us personally to become more aware, proactive, and effective in addressing racial inequity in our business, our community work, and our personal interactions. And we plan to share what we have learned with you, our members.

Second, starting this spring, we plan to contract for a professional, in-depth investigation of market conditions in our area. Thanks to our strong management and member support, our Co-op is now reaching the point of maximum profitability per square foot. We will be looking at the potential to grow our business on our site and in the local region. Stay tuned for more reporting from us on this important issue.

Finally, I want to share recent news on the status of the Takoma Junction redevelopment project. On Thursday January 27th, the Montgomery County Planning Board considered Neighborhood Development Company’s (NDC’s) application for their proposed development of the Junction parking lot.  The Board voted 5-0 to deny the application.  The decision will become final 30 days after the Planning Board issues a written decision, unless NDC appeals. At this time, the Planning Board’s decision has not affected the Co-op’s lease of the Junction parking lot from NDC or the Co-op’s mediation agreement with NDC; and we continue to operate as before.

With gratitude for your patronage and support,

Diane Curran

Vice President, TPSS Co-op Board of Representatives