July Newsletter

Our spring was eventful (in some interesting ways), and our summer is shaping to be eventful, too, in all the good ways. 

Happy Summer!

Our Covid-19 protocols have changed a little bit.

We no longer have limited entry (so no more lines-yay!).

We don’t require wearing gloves or using the hand sanitizer to enter the store.

But we are still keeping the plexiglass dividers and requiring masks for the safety of our staff and shoppers.

We are also going to be hosting some outside demos (you might have caught our Breads Unlimited bread sampling). 

Ch ch ch changes! So many of our staff have transitioned to new roles! Congratulate them next time you see them in the store.

Mercy: Assistant Store Manager
Kay: Front End Manager
Alem: Receiver
Mauricio: Produce Manager
Collin: Bookkeeper
Angela: Wellness Buyer
Aster: Grocery Stocker
Eleni: Cashier

We have updated the minutes page from all of the Board meetings, so catch up on the goings on you may have missed.

Our meetings are all still virtual, held every 3rd Thursday of the month, and open to everyone, so please join. Keep an eye out on the calendar for details.