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Member Insights

Sawa Kamara, TPSS Co-op Board Member I recently spent two evenings at the Co-op, talking with and getting to know shoppers and member-owners. The best part of that time for me (other than the yummy snacks!) was learning about the ...
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Beyond the Jug: Why Buying Milk at the Co-op Matters

Bob Gibson At a recent visit to the Co-op, a shopper in line behind me set two half-gallons of Trickling Springs milk onto the checkout counter. I asked her why she chose that brand. “My family loves this milk and ...
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TPSS Co-op Discontinues Shire City Herbals’ Fire Cider

Julie Boyd, Wellness Department Some of you may be aware of the Fire Cider trademark controversy, recently reported on by the New York Times. The dispute stems from one company, Shire City Herbals, trademarking the term "fire cider." The term ...
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Staff Profile: Alem

Taylor Dibbert Alem is from Eritrea. He was born in Asmara, the capital. “I would love to work in Eritrea, but the situation there now is not nice,” he says. “But I would love to work there one day.” He ...
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Expanding Cottage Food Law: A Win-Win for Consumers, Producers and Our Local Economy

Susanne Lowen, TPSS Co-op Board Member UPDATE Following a few final hurdles in Annapolis, Maryland’s local food economy may get a significant boost this year, with local cottage food products making a debut on grocery shelves. District 20 legislators are ...
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So. Many. Cans.

Leandra Nichola, (soon-to-be-former) Beer & Wine Manager Today, the beer department looks a lot different than it did a year ago. And, there are a few reasons for that: the addition of a beer and wine manager to the store, ...
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We’re “For Service” Not “For Profit”

Bob Gibson During last year’s heated debates about the future of the city owned lot at Takoma Junction, I was particularly struck by the repeated description of the TPSS Food Co-op as a “for-profit” business. This characterization was used in ...
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My Days at the Co-op

Mike Houston My wife and I love celebrating how many days old things are. We celebrated our 1000th day of dating, our 1000th day of marriage, and we each invited friends to parties for each of our 10,000th day of ...
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