How to Join Our Co-op

We would love to have you join TPSS Co-op! Becoming a member-owner is simple:

  • Fill out this form online (or you can do it at any register in the store).
  • Pay your lifetime equity payment of $100 in one of three ways at the register next time you are in the store:
    • A single payment of $100
    • Two installments of $50 with an $5 processing fee - total of $105
    • Twelve monthly installments of $10 with a $20 processing fee - total of $120
  • Start using your membership card and you and your household members receive membership benefits right away!

Business Memberships

We support our local business member-owners in using ethically sourced foods for their own products. Business member-owners may place special orders for items used in their businesses at a rate of 20% above cost. If an item is not carried by TPSS, a business rate of 30% above cost will be applied. Submit an application and a one-time fee of $200. The Co-op also collaborates with local businesses in a Community Business Partnership program.

How to Leave the Co-op

While we are sorry to see any of our member-owners leave, we do understand that life situations sometimes require significant change. If at any time you choose to cancel your membership, your investment will be refunded in full.  See any cashier in the store for the Membership Refund Request form or use this one online.

Your membership refund check will be sent to you via postal mail at the address you specify. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your refund check to reach you.