Help Us Make a Collective Impact

The Takoma Park Silver Spring (TPSS) Co-op grocery store is seeking to meet the challenges of our time by inspiring collective action within our community.  We’re announcing a new Time For Change initiative.  On June 2nd, 3rd and 4th we will be giving away $15 of groceries to each community member that commits to spend an hour of their time advocating for meaningful change.

We seek to generate 2000 hours of community activism including volunteering for organizations like those helping to protect fundamental rights that are under threat, making phone calls or writing letters to elected officials, or taking other personally meaningful action to pursue progressive change.  We’ll be asking participants to follow up with TPSS and tell us how they spent that hour.

Individually we can make a difference.  Collectively our impact can be tremendous.

Look for the Time For Change tent outside the store
  • Thursday June 2nd- 12pm-7pm
  • Friday June 3rd- 12pm-7pm
  • Saturday June 4th- 12pm-7pm

Tracking Our Impact

Participants will be asked to follow up via webform to let us know how they spent their time.  This webpage will be update as we receive that information.

Visit These Organization For More Information On How To Connect To Their Work