How to Join Our Co-op

We would love to have you join TPSS Co-op! Becoming a member-owner is simple:

  1. Fill out this form (your payment can be made next time you are in the store).
  2. Pay your lifetime equity payment of $100 in one of three ways at the register next time you are in the store:
    • A single payment of $100
    • Two installments of $50 with an $5 processing fee - total of $105
    • Twelve monthly installments of $10 with a $20 processing fee - total of $120
  3. Start using your membership card and you and your household members receive membership benefits right away!

If you are already a member and would like to update your membership information, please fill out this form.

If it's time to say farewell to the Co-op, you can fill out this form to request a refund of your equity payment.