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Last updated on February 26, 2018

Customer Suggestions TPSS Response

Don't let bulk items run out intentionally because of inventory

Thank you for this suggestion and we will do our best to make bulk items available during inventories.
Treeline Chipotle Cheese Coming soon!
Non-alcoholic beer At this time, we have no plans to carry non-alcoholic beer. If you would like to special order this product, we would be happy to look into it’s availability through our county distributor.
Rogue Pumpkin Beer & Vary your beer selection if you could, it is the same brands. Seasonal, currently out of stock.
Special orders are difficult, no one calls when order comes in, would like to place special orders by email. Thank you for the feedback and the call step was reviewed and reiterated, at the time we aren't able to handle special orders by email but will explore the good idea and see if we can accommodate it.
Maybe seem a little more happy to be here, too much competition, lower prices, offer samples & coffee Thanks for your input, we are striving to make improvements with customer service always. Our pricing is comparable, when it can be, with other area natural markets. We have 10-20 tastings in-store, each month.
Gardein Vegetarian Chicken Fillets We carry this item and have it in stock.
Tonic Water We have tonic water in stock.
Please bring back Ginger People Jam & Wax paper bags Coming soon.
Put PIF coupons cards with corresponding products, for more participation We have been looking to relocate the PIF board so that shoppers can see it upon entering. With limited staff, it is far more time consuming to hunt down each product, each week to make sure the cards are in stock.
Highlight staff picks of favorite products & offer a 10% discount on item, chang it up monthly. Great idea and we hope to have it implemented soon.
Please put bulk baking soda in with dry bulk goods, it gets wet in the fridge. Should no longer be a problem with a new set-up in the refridgerator.
Please have cashiers bagging. We are implementing more exstensive customer service training, making bagging assistance a priority.
the "won't help you bag, unless you ask no matter how desperate you are" and then put 2 things in before turning away We are implementing more exstensive customer service training, making bagging assistance a priority.
Why is there a tax on chocolate? In MD, cofectionaries and candy are not considered food and therefor taxable.
Way over priced on most items, substantially less exspensive at Whole Foods Unfortunately we cannot compete with corporations and their buying power as a small co-op, however we are always working to find the best price points possible for our shoppers.
Carry more non-Vegan food Much of our stock qualifies as non-vegan.
Bike rack is poor quality. We have a few bike racks out front of our store, and will take a look at other possibilities.
Need greater variety of Vegan food (breads, preparred foods) We hope to be able to offer more variety of vegan foods as there are so many more options from vendors.
More preparred foods please. Peprarred foods is high on our list of priorities and also a difficult task with limited space, which will be a consideration when we remodel
Wish vegan items were labeled We now have a labeled vegan section in the cooler, thank you for bringing it uo
What has happened to the bagels? They are pale, deflated and bun-like We are working with the vendor to assure quality is consistant.
Less wine, more organic food options. Organic is one of many certified labels we offer our members and shoppers as we source the healthiest and most affordable products. The addition of beer and wine was a member driven decision, we keep the wine stock limited and in designated locations, our healthy food options will always far out weigh our wine selections.
Bring back the bag chip jazz(?) that donates to animal causes. We are looking into this.
Have the prices gotten more exspensive recently? Not across the board, and our latest price checking showed us with specific brand items less than Whole Foods. If you have a specific product you want more information on please let us know and we’ll get back to you.
The space near the veggie aisle is always packed. We are looking at heavy trafficked areas in the store to make areas more open when we make rennovations.
Hot food options We are working on future rennovations, we currently do not have the space for hot foods.
Make an email address for suggestions. We have a suggestion form that can be found on our website.
I want plantains. We will begin carrying yellow plantains on the weekends when available.
Items are consistantly not in stock. Todays example- chicken thighs, kraut Often when this occurs our suppliers are out of stock, we strive to be consistant.
Newman's Own Peanut Butter Oreos We are looking into getting this flavor in stock.
Local Beer, less carbon footprint Many of the beers we carry come from local breweries.
I was wondering if the Co-op can start using biodegradable bags in the fresh food section? We use compostable bags in our produce and bulk department, we have smaller bags in our bulk department that are not compostable and we are looking into replacing them.
If you could put 2 folding chairs near the door it would behelpful for people waiting to be picked up by a taxi. Unfortunately we have such limited space in the front of the store, it would become more of a hazard then helpful. We do have 2 picnic tables out front and if a shopper is in need of a seat, our front end can assist with a folding chair. This will be a consideration for future remodeling projects.
The packaging for the Candy Mandys is horrible and not in line with the co-op's values. They are currently out of season and we do however carry loose organic tangerines and will revisit looking for an alternative source for mandarins that is affordable and fits in with our values.
Unsweetened Soy Milk out for 2 weeks, a wider variety of light & lean frozen dinners We have it in stock currently and looking into light & lean frozen dinners.
Middle Eastern Pitas, Soy Boy Baked Tofu Our pita bread is Middle Eastern, Soy Boy has been on back order.
ORGANIC vegenaise We have it!
Some brand of kettle corn popcorn, more flavors of life by Dallas Popcorn We carry all flavors of Dallas popcorn.
Inner Filet Aloe vera juice We are looking into this.
Yacon Syrup Sweetener Is not feasible at this time, we would have to sell a 12oz bottle for $18.99, and we have low sales in our alternative sweetener products.
Gluten Free Baked Goods, Please Carry More Rise Breads
Where are the Rice Dreams Sandwiches Discontinued by our supplier.
Look into getting Daiya plain cheezecake I can only get the plan if we discontinue on of the other flavors, looking into it.
The Perfect Pita
Better, more durable plastic bags in bulk food Our bags are less durable because they are compostable, in compliance with mission, we aim to reduce plastig bag waste, we recommend that you consider bringing in your own containers, it is better for the environment.
I also have a problem receiving notifications from the co-op We are working on cleaning up our email database and hope to have this resolved soon.
Love cashew yogurt, please don't stop carrying it. We have it!
Daiya cheese cheddar dekuxe cheese This will be ordered.
Stop the excessive mark-up. One orange juice on sale for $7.99 There is no exstensive mark-up, we have a profit margin systerm we honor and do not gouge any prices.
Consider carrying Snowville creamery or Nice dairy milk or other non-homegenized with low temperature pasteurization. We are looking into this.
Consider carrying Ristretto Roasters Coffee We prefer to try and keep our coffee local and/or fair trade certified.
Yochimbe Mens Health, please research dangerous ingredients and remove. Removed.
Hasting His Harvest Tofu Looking into this.
Hemp Tofu We have it!
Better Baguettes, pther better and fresher breads
Kate Hill Farm Non Dairy Cheeses We will try 2 Kite Hill non dairy cheeses and see how they do with our shoppers.
Seeded Grapes "We used to carry them, but we sold less then we wasted. Researching a better price, you can special order."
TPSS Co-op bags & t-shirts We are researching options for affordable t-shirts and bags to be available to members and shoppers.
A more ethical supply of bathroom tissue in our restrooms. (Not GP Toilet Paper) We are working on it.
Paper cups for wine tasting We are looking into ordering a sustainable alternative cup for wine tastings.
Add a penny box at checkout. We will prepare a penny jar by each register
"""Regular"" chocolate icecream" Good point! On its way!
Rebbl drink-Dark Chocolate & Quest Bars "We have no shelf space for quest bars, we have other new bars coming in."
Nunez de Prado Organic Olive Oil (Spanish Olive Oil) "Due to limited shelf space and cost, we do not feel it is a viable option at this time."
onion bagels We have onion bagels
Bring back old music Music was changed with staff picks.
McVities Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuits (we have plain) On its way!
"More breadth of products, Parmela Creamery, Creamy Nut Cheese, Black Pepper, Pacifica Hemp Milk (original & unsweetened)" "Pacifica Hemp milk was discontinued due to lack of sales, we have tempt hempmilk"
Earth Balance Vegan Mac & Cheese "Unavaliable from the distributor, we will try and continue to get it."
"There is a faucet leaking in the ""work room"" Hope it will get fixed." We are working on it.
Get a union TPSS Co-op Staff voted for IWW Union Representation.
Blueberry Probiotic Acidophilus "We have this in the refridgerator, chewable by American Health"
Route 11 Dill Pickle Chips On its way!
Ancient Organic Ghee Unavailable from distributor
Eliminate all non-organic products Organic is one of many certified labels we offer our members and shoppers as we source the healthiest and most affordable products.
Carry Sourdough bread We have it.
Another brand of tomatoe sauce (not Muir Glen) that supports GMO labeling "We already have an excess of tomato sauce, if space opens up, we will look into alternatives."
Don't let bulk items run out intentionally because of inventory Thank you for this suggestion and we will do our best to make bulk items available during inventories.
Treeline Chipotle Cheese Coming soon!
Non-alcoholic beer "At this time, we have no plans to carry non-alcoholic beer. If you would like to special order this product, we would be happy to look into it?s availability through our county distributor."
Product Requests and Suggestions: (2017-06)
Tofutti non-dairy cream cheese We are looking into it
Additional seltzer brands We are looking into it.
Large ?Ziploc-like) bags We have it
Haiku roasted green tea Discontinued ?not selling well
Small compost bags We have it
Bittersweet chocolate We have it
Quinoa rice drink Discontinued- not selling well
Coffee ice cream We are looking into it
Low-fat cheese We are looking into it
Wolfgang Puck butternut squash soup We have it
Gluten-free bread besides Udi?s We have it
Storye (?) rye bread We have it
Celestial decaf chai We have it
Arrowhead Mills spelt flake cereal We have it
Gluten-free pretzels in small bags Looking into it
Protein chips (Quest) Looking into it
Runa Teas Discontinued-not selling well
Yerba Mate tea bags We have it
Carry tomato paste in tubes Will be available in a few weeks
Carry nut-free granola Now available in bulk department
Carry vegetable oil Looking into whether or not we can find a good quality oil
Carry bamboo toilet paper We have ordered it and will be stocking it on a trial basis
Carry unsweetened cocoa in bulk It is in now in stock
Season brand sardines We have them
Mija sangria Mija Sangria is now on our shelves
More fresh meat and fish "We are contacting distributors to bring more fresh meat & fish, but space is limited"
Flat anchovies not in round jar "Going to research on the others, we have to be certain the ingredients are natural"
Chick pea and vegetable soup We currently carry chick pea and vegetable soup. You can find them on aisle 2.
Chili chocoalate bars (dark chocolate with spice) We will bring it in soon
Pachmama coffee "We carry many coffee brands, and we are looking into this one."
"Refrigerated, not frozen, pie crusts" We do not have space for refrigerated pie crust. We currently have pie crust in our frozen and bakery sections.
Califia blend almond milk We currently carry this product. Please ask any employee to point it out.
"No-salt, not low salt, soups" Trying to find some
Flowers We are trying to find a distributor with reasonable prices
More dairy products not ultra-pasteurized We will look into this
Vegetable korma caf‚ spice meals We already carry this product in our grab & go section (In the fridge)
Lancaster Food Company bread We are currently in talks with the company to possibly bring them into our store.
Pickapeppa sauce We will bring it in soon
Frozen filo We will bring frozen filo back in the upcoming days.
Powdered milk Ordering Bob's brand milk powder
2 Sisters Ice Cream We will take a look at this product and see if it meets our food standards.
DC Vegan cauliflower beet salad D.C Vegan products are on our shelves.
More and better produce We will keep improving the quality of our produce and look for more variety
Great River Milling Company flour Looking into this
Carry Trapich Malbec "We do, but it is a special order, so we don?t know when the county will bring it to us"
General Suggestions:
Bring in more bread and keep stocked "We are looking into additional bakeries, and we have increased the amount we order"
Cauliflower costs too much There was a nationwide shortage. Price was lowered when new crop came in
Missing posted prices in produce All prices are now posted
Educate staff on different mushrooms Staff has been shown differences
Carry sweet potatoes and yams We have sweet potatoes and looking forward to carrying yams
"Donate poker chip money to TP Middle School, Humane Society" Charities are rotated and will consider
Bring back water-by-the-cup Space issue
All cashiers should handle returns "All cashiers cannot have the authority, but we have added an extra supervisor to assist and speed up transactions"
Put all beer and wine in one place Space issue
Remove Dominion Beer This is one of our most popular products
Carry non-alcoholic beer and wine We will look into this
Has the Co-op checked the contents of sunscreen we sell? The journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology has published research showing that sunscreen is harming coral reefs "Our Wellness Manager has verified that none of our sunscreens contain oxybenzone, the chemical cited in the article"
Remind produce workers to wear gloves when handling cut fruit All produce workers have been reminded to wear gloves and follow all health code procedures
"Move poker chip jars so that they are easier to find, and shoppers do not block exit while selecting a charity to support" Jars have been moved to the customer service desk and with clear visible signage
Put a water bowl outside for dogs Done immediately and available to all visiting pets
Provide pen at suggestion box A pen is tied to the box
Improve bike rack We are looking into it
Put space for date on suggestion form Forms are being revised
Bates farm lotion contains allergen optiphen (preservative) "We researched and we realized Optiphen which is from green tea is used to sterilize and preserve the raw goat milk. Unfortunately some people react to this substance, so we have indicated on the shelf that it contains Optiphen"
Don't run out of goat cheese We have started ordering extra goat cheese to meet the demand.
Return spoons to peanut butter. Spatulas are too large "Due to Health Department regulations, we now sell pre-scooped peanut butter."
Soup containers too cheap We will look for stronger soup containers.
Butcher shop Due to the size of the store we currently don't have space for a butcher shop
Don't carry conventional produce "Due to our inability to get some produce all season and price factor, we do carry some conventional produce from time to time but most of our produce are organic"
Improve bread selection We recently improved our bread selection by adding more variety
Put recycling bins at front of store We will be bringing back the recycle bin at the front of the store