Human Resources in the Time of a Pandemic

Irene Cox, Human Resources Manager

The pandemic brought on so many unforeseen challenges for staff. First, the store was record busy. And then, with the roll out of online ordering, our current staff had to pivot and, without any training, work in completely new roles.

We knew we need more hands and we knew we needed them right away! So, how to find new workers quickly? Our staff pitched in! They referred potential staff to us as their family members and friends were losing jobs. In an unprecedented way, we were able to hire 8 temporary staff members in 4 short days!

There have been other changes in our HR department, too. Delaying the interview process and adding an intensive phone screening to our recruitment process has been game-changing. We also have new in-person interview etiquette. I never even see our new hires’ full faces as we’re both wearing masks, we don’t shake hands, and we meet outdoors.

We’re also finding new ways to support our staff in this time. From a line of credit to stock up early in the pandemic to new crisis-based benefits, we know that everyone needs a little extra support.

As an essential business, we are grateful our doors remain open so that we can fulfill our mission while employing some of the best people.