2019 Election Results

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the TPSS Board of Representatives! We are delighted to welcome Katherine Tsantiris and Bob Gibson to the TPSS Board. Susan Cho and Fred Feinstein were both re-elected to serve second terms. Katherine, Susan and Fred were elected to three-year terms, and Bob was elected to finish the remaining two years of the vacated 2018 term. 

On behalf of the entire TPSS Co-op community, the Board of Representatives would like to thank all of the candidates for their willingness to serve Takoma Park's only community-owned grocery store. We welcome and strongly encourage their continued involvement in TPSS, and encourage all member-owners to do the same. Monthly Board meetings and Membership Committee meetings are open to all member-owners. 

November 2019 Election Results:

216 total votes

33 disqualified votes (20 duplicate votes and 13 votes where name and number did not match or invalid member number used) 

Vote Tally:

Susan Cho | 144

Fred Feinstein | 128

Katherine Tsantiris | 116

Bob Gibson | 110

Susan West Montgomery | 94

Elias Vlanton | 41