Board of Representatives Election
You May Vote For Up To Three (3) Candidates

The top three candidates will serve three year terms

Only the individual who is named as the holder of the membership (capital contribution) may vote; ballots from household shoppers in the member's household will be rejected. Ballots must contain the correct first and last name of the member and their number. Ballots that are missing a first name, last name and/or member number, or with a name that does not match the number, will be rejected. If more than one ballot is cast with the same member name and number, only the most recent acceptable ballot will be counted. Ballots with more than three candidates selected will be rejected. Ballots must be received by TPSS Co-op no later than 10:00pm on November 27, 2018. Ballots may be dropped off at the store or mailed to 201 Ethan Allen Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912 ATTN: Board.