2020 Board Candidate: Antoaneta (Toni) Tileva




Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from American University, 2019
M.A. in International Affairs American University, 2010
B.A. from Georgetown University, 1999 Psychology

Community Involvement

I am a commissioner on the Committee on Landlord Tenant Affairs
I am also very active on women's rights and economic social justice organizing

Why are you interested in serving on the Board?

Because I would like to think I have some innovative ideas about economic and food justice, and I would like to serve my community in putting some of these ideas in action.

Why are co-ops in general and TPSS Co-op in particular important to you?

Because of the economic justice aspect of them, and their commitment to fair trade, low waste, and community growth.

What volunteer or professional experiences have you had with other co-operatives or organizations that will help you strengthen the TPSS Co-op Board?

The COLTA commissioner position is volunteer.

What is your favorite Co-operative Principle and why?

Concern for the community because a coop is more than just a means of making money.

Describe your experience with financial oversight, particularly of a business or organization's budget and financial performance.

I have worked as a consultant on research projects and done my own research projects which have required that.

Why are diversity and equity important to you, and how do these principles show up in your life?

To me, diversity and equity means everyone having equal access *in practice*. For example, yes, local and healthy food should in theory be accessible to everyone, but it is not because of the cost. How can we dismantle these unspoken power relationships--we need to bring them to the forefront first.