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Earth Day 2018

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TPSS Board of Representatives Notes:

March 15, 2018

Dear Members of TPSS Co-op,

We have appreciated your support throughout the City of Takoma Park’s deliberations on how to develop the City-owned lot next to our store, including the City’s 2017 review of a Concept Plan submitted by Neighborhood Development Corporation (NDC). We have shared with our members and the City Council our serious concern that the dense development proposed by NDC provides too little space for Co-op deliveries or trash and recycling pick-up, and that the likely backup of trucks in front of the new development will cause safety risks.

The City’s deliberations will enter a new and decisive phase this spring, when the City Council considers a new and more detailed Site Plan. NDC is scheduled to submit the plan in April, and the City Council plans to take up review starting April 4. Currently, the Council is scheduled to vote on whether to accept NDC’s Site Plan on May 9.

We will be evaluating the plan carefully, communicating our concerns to you, and asking for your support again. In the meantime, please see our Junction Development Project page for an update on NDC’s proposal, our concerns to date, and what to watch for in the coming weeks.

We are pleased to report that the day-to-day management of our store continues in the capable hands of acting general manager Hussein Choteka. Our search for a new permanent general manager also proceeds, and we encourage our members to spread the word about this exciting opportunity for leadership of the Co-op management.

TPSS Co-op Board of Representatives

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