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TPSS Co-op Expansion Project

Expansion/ Junction Redevelopment Update
April 3, 2015


The Takoma Park City Council has selected the team of Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) and SORG Architects as the finalist to redevelop the municipal lot adjacent to the Co-op. The Council expects to vote on a resolution for the selection at their meeting on April 13, 2015. The resolution will not turn the land over to NDC; rather, it will state that the Council plans to work with the selected developer, who will then begin investing more resources in the effort.

According to Council Member Tim Male, the resolution or an accompanying document should address the following, which could be subject to change:

  • A deadline by which NDC and the Co-op will reach an agreement on their relationship, the nature of the Co-op’s occupancy (condo, rental, subdivision of lot), and the Co-op’s part in the community planning process.
  • The priorities defined by the Council, including highest importance given to retail, protection of 90% or more of the wooded site, development footprint of 15,000-25,000 square feet, adequate parking, and provision of community space.
  • Specifics of the traffic studies needed
  • A timeline of the next steps

While we continue to believe that the TPSS proposal submitted in response to the RFP issued in January, 2014 is the one that best meets the needs of the community and our store, we believe that NDC will prove to be a good partner. So far, NDC has shown an openness and willingness to work with the Co-op to address our need for safe access to our loading dock for 18-wheelers, adequate parking during and after construction, and business continuity throughout the process. NDC has a good reputation in the communities in which they have built and within the development community.

The TPSS Expansion Team will be meeting with NDC regularly as we move forward with Co-op growth and other development on the lot.

Marilyn Berger

Expansion Project Manager

The official City of Takoma Park RFP information is here.

Expansion/ Junction Redevelopment Update
January 13, 2015

The City Council held a work session on January 12 to discuss the latest financial information submitted by the four entities currently under consideration to develop the Municipal lot in response to a series of questions from the City. This is very important information that could have a major impact on our Co-op. Of particular note is Question #6: The Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op was identified as the anchor tenant in your original proposal. Provide a short narrative describing the status of your negotiations with the Co-op and steps taken to secure a letter of commitment or intent from them.

The developer responses can be found at:

This issue is so important to the future of the Co-op that our Expansion Team decided to submit our own responses to these questions to the Council even though our proposal is not officially under consideration.

TPSS Co-op responses can be found at:

December 29, 2014

While the City Council has been in recess, we at the Co-op have been very busy preparing for the next phase of the Takoma Junction Redevelopment project. Although the City is evaluating proposals from four developers, we are hopeful that they will consider ours when they reconvene in January. The developers have been given the opportunity to revise their proposals, and their plans, updated in mid-December, can be viewed on the Takoma Park website:

Our Expansion Team has been working with the country’s top expert on co-op expansions to solidify our financial package so that we are prepared to show the Takoma Park Council that TPSS has the resources necessary to make our plan work. We have also met with many members of our community to solicit their input on what the expanded TPSS and redeveloped Junction parking lot should look like. Our concept, which blends open green space with an expanded Co-op and space for some small local businesses, can be found by clicking the image below:



January 12 -- Discussion of four developers’ financial information

January 21 (Wednesday)-Council work session to receive comments on Takoma Junction

February 3 and possibly 10 -- City Council work session to receive comments.

Questions? Comments? Contact "".

Junction Redevelopment Open House:
Tuesday, November 18th 6:30 to 9:30
Takoma Park Community Center - Azalea Room

The City is hosting an open house where people can meet the developers and the Co-op in an informal setting and ask questions about their proposals. This is a good chance for you to bring your concerns directly.

Redevelopment Update - November 17, 2014

NEW! Updated Views of the Revised TPSS Proposal:
Download the latest Acrobat Reader here. Acrobat Reader

TPSS Co-op Site Plan B1
TPSS Co-op Site Plan B1

TPSS Co-op Site Plan B2
TPSS Co-op Site Plan B2

TPSS Co-op Site Plan C
TPSS Co-op Site Plan C

TPSS Co-op Site Plan D
TPSS Co-op Site Plan D

TPSS Co-op Site Image A
TPSS Site Image A

TPSS Co-op Site Image B
TPSS Site Image B

TPSS Co-op Site Image C
TPSS Site Image C

TPSS Co-op Site Image D
TPSS Site Image D

TPSS Co-op Site Image E
TPSS Site Image E

TPSS Co-op Site Image F
TPSS Site Image F

TPSS Co-op Site Image G
TPSS Site Image G
TPSS Co-op Site Image H
TPSS Site Image H

Redevelopment Update - November 7, 2014 (revised 11/17/2014)

City staff took the more than 200 questions they had received from residents and combined them into eleven broad ones. These were presented to the four developers, who were asked to submit responses by October 27.The City Council held a work session on November 3 that was mainly devoted to a discussion of their answers. Questions and answers can be found on the Takoma Park website.

Next events to note:

Thursday, November 13, there will be a meeting at Historic Takoma, 7328 Carroll Avenue. The purpose of this meeting is to brainstorm and build a community vision of how to develop the Junction. If you cannot make it, please forward your ideas to c.

Tuesday, November 18, 6:30 to 9:30 PM, at the Community Center. The City is hosting an open house where people can meet the developers and the Co-op in an informal setting and ask questions about their proposals. This is a good chance for you to bring your concerns directly.

Monday, November 24 is scheduled to be the final Council work session of this year, and it will be devoted to further discussion of the redevelopment proposals.

A letter from TPSS Co-op to Prospective Municipal Parking Lot Developers about the needs of the Co-op during the development process

Municipal Lot Redevelopment Update - October 6, 2014

Click here to watch the video of the Council Work Session.
(Note: this video is 4 1/2 hours long)

Thank you to all who turned out to pack the room at the Community Center on September 23rd. Here are the details of the four proposed plans for the Takoma Park site.

The Ability Project Community3 Development Keystar & Eco Housing
Neighborhood Development Company & SORG Click on any image to open
the PDF presentation
(Acrobat Reader required).


To see the Co-op's Expansion and Takoma Junction Redevelopment plan, click the icon:


On September 5, the City of Takoma Park announced the four finalists for the redevelopment of the City owned parking lot adjacent to TPSS. They are The Ability Project, Community 3 Development, LLC, Keystar LLC and Eco Housing, and Neighborhood Development Company. The Co-op’s proposal will not be forwarded by the City Manager Brian Kenner to the Council for consideration.

The details of the finalists will not be released for two weeks. According to Mr. Kenner, each offers “a vibrant mix of commercial and residential uses, with green space, sustainable features and a multitude of public amenities.” The City had asked for proposals “that would act as a stimulus to the commercial district and locally-owned independent businesses; improve the aesthetic appeal of the district; and be contextually sensitive and environmentally sustainable.” There was no requirement in the Request for Proposals that housing be included, and the TPSS proposal incorporated the themes for development identified by the Takoma Junction Task Force in 2012: Community, Localism, Environment, and Heritage without including building houses on the lot.

Our proposal called for the expansion of the store in order to offer a broader product mix with a wide variety of price points and provide new space that would allow us to sponsor regular community programs that would continue to foster a strong Co-op/community relationship. Our plans also included space for local businesses, such as a wine and beer shop, a coffee shop or café and a credit union, all in an area lush with gardens, trees, and lawns. You can see the TPSS proposal by clicking here.

We are disappointed that the City planners have decided not to share our proposal with the Council to show there is an alternative to building housing on the lot while revitalizing the Junction. Of utmost importance for the survival of the Co-op, no matter which developer is chosen are: (1) A guarantee of business continuity during construction (TPSS must remain open for business throughout), (2) Access to our loading dock for 18-wheel trucks five or six days a week during construction and after, and (3) Sufficient available parking.

The four finalists will make public presentations on Tuesday, September 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the Takoma Park Community Center Auditorium. Please tell your friends and neighbors to attend and give input to developers, City Council and City Staff.. The City Council will have a work session to discuss the proposals on Monday, September 29. The agenda for the meeting will be available in advance on There will be additional opportunities for Council and public discussion of the proposals in the coming months. Please watch for the information we will be sending you, and please help us protect the future of the Co-op by using every opportunity to show your support.

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions.

Marilyn Berger, Project Manager

The full TPSS Co-op Redevelopment Proposal can be viewed in PDF format here.

TPSS Expansion/Municipal Lot Development
Update June 10, 2014

The deadline for submission of responses to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for development of the municipal parking lot adjacent to the Co-op was May 28. A total of seven proposals were received from a variety of organizations from throughout the region.

Takoma Park’s Department of Housing and Community Development has begun a technical review of the submissions. The City has the right to investigate specific development proposals, request clarification of the contents of any proposal, require additional information, explore proposed partnerships or financing options, and begin preliminary negotiations with one or more developer during this period. To the extent permitted by law, the City will not disclose any proprietary or confidential material included in the proposals. Only proposals that comply with all the objectives, provisions and requirements of the RFP will be considered for review. Once the review is completed, up to four groups may be invited to present their proposals before the community and the City Council.

TPSS has submitted a proposal that most likely differs from the rest. Our plans incorporate the themes for development identified by the Takoma Junction Task Force in 2012: Community, Localism, Environment, and Heritage. While it is likely that many or all of the other bidders have included high density housing units where the parking lot now stands, we have focused on doubling our retail square footage in order to increase our core service to our community and customers by enabling us to purchase more products from local farmers and businesses, offer a wider range of products and price points, and provide more well-paying jobs with a great benefits package. The development we are proposing will bring more shoppers to the Junction not simply to take advantage of our greater selections, but to visit our planned wine and beer shop, a large, modern community gathering place, a coffee shop or cafe, possibly a credit union, and other small, local businesses that may have been looking for a home. All will be located in a pleasant environment that encourages foot traffic and invites shoppers and community members to linger.

The City’s internal review is expected to be completed in mid to late summer with community presentations scheduled soon thereafter. Until then, please continue to shop and support the TPSS Co-op and think about what products and services you would like to see offered in a larger store.

Previous entries...

As an important part of our efforts to fulfill our mission of promoting healthful living by offering wholesome food, high quality products and community resources in a clean, friendly cooperative grocery store that our members own, TPSS management and Board have been considering the possibility of expanding our store for quite a while.

We have been in our current building since1998. Our current facility offers about 5500 square feet of selling space. Food retailers often begin to think about expanding or moving when annual sales reach $1000 per square foot. Our annual sales far exceed that industry standard, and we would like to double the retail space available to us.

Our goals for this undertaking are to:

· Provide us with an opportunity to offer a broader product mix, with a wider variety of price points,
· Create a store that is committed to responsible energy use and conservation,
· Provide new space that will allow us to sponsor regular community programs that will continue to foster a strong Co-op/community relationship.

Last summer, TPSS commissioned a feasibility study for our planned growth and expansion. The report presented the pros and cons of several options:

· Stay in our existing building and expand eastward into the small parking lot.
· Stay in our existing building and expand westward into the municipal parking lot.
· Leave our building and relocate to a new building on the municipal lot or elsewhere.

Our efforts have taken on more urgency, as the Takoma Park City Council issued a Request for Proposals for the development of the municipal lot. It is vital to the future of the Co-op for us to retain control of access to our loading dock and to offer sufficient parking for our shoppers. The Council is hoping to receive proposals that will act as a stimulus to the commercial district and locally-owed, independent businesses; improve the aesthetic appeal of the district; and be contextually sensitive and environmentally sustainable. We will be submitting one or more proposals that address the Council’s goals while enabling us to realize our expansion dreams. To support this initiative, we have created a capital reserve fund of $500,000 and are committed to raising sufficient debt and equity financing.

Please watch your newsletters, email blasts, and our website for up-to-date information on this very important effort.

Board Letter

Official Statement

Request for Proposals - Takoma Junction Site

Expansion project wiki for committee members